4 inch egg layed by BIG ASS CHICKEN

A chicken was left shell-shocked after laying an enormous four inch tall egg, with her surprised owner describing the poor hen as ‘bow-legged.’


The monster egg measures a whopping 9cm by 5.7cm (2.2ins) and is more than twice the size of a normal egg.

It was laid by Bolt, a 20-week-old chicken from Christchurch, Dorset, who has only been laying for three weeks.

Owner Denise Sloan, a 52-year-old gardener, said she has never seen such a large egg despite owning chickens for 15 years.

The egg, which has not been fertilised, is now destined for the dinner plate.

She said of Bolt’s impressive achievement: ‘I don’t know what the world record is, but all I can say is she is pretty bow-legged now.’

‘It’s enormous, bigger than a duck egg.’

And for anyone wondering what to make with the egg, Denise described its size in food terms: ‘You could make two omelettes out of it.’

Source: Metro.co.uk

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