Madrid Olympic Failure could be disaster for new Aquatic centre in Madrid

The Caja Mágica and the Aquatic Centre future are in doubt this morning following confirmation that Madird failed in its bid to host the Olympic event it had tried so hard to achieve. The half built centre which formed part of the main structure are likely to be abandoned, as to date 300 million€  has already been invested in the Caja Mágica and more than half a billion in the Aquatic Centre.

One of the bases of the Madrid application for the 2020 Olympic Games was that 80% of the infrastructure was completed. But now after the rejection by the IOC, Spain faces a problem with the installations which are completed but are of little or no use.

Take the Caja Mágica. This multi use stadium was constructed in 2009 and was one of Madrid’s jewels in the Olympic applications for 2012, 2016 and 2020. So far the building has only held a tennis completion, the Madrid Masters which last two weeks once a year.

The Aquatic Centre is half built, and was to have held the competitions in swimming, water polo, synchronised swimming and diving. Half a billion € has been spent on the centre, and still requires another estimated 80 million euros to complete.

These ‘White Elephants’ and there are more such as the La Pieneta Stadium, do not bother the English-speaking Mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella, who a day before the Olympic announcement said,
‘These installations will not be a liability but a legacy’.


Spain could be set to shelve the building as to bid again to hold another Olympic event could now be to far away.

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