Madrid confirmed as Euro Vegas location

It’s now confirmed that the world’s fourteenth richest man in the world, has chosen Madrid for his Eurovegas. The announcement was made in the early hours of Saturday. There are several possible sites on the outskirts of the capital, but 79 year old Sheldon Adelson has not said which one has been chosen. The money though is on a site in Alcorcón.
The project is expected to be fully completed in 2025, and will see an investment of 16.9 billion €, the creation of 164,000 jobs and an equivalent to 4.5% of the Gross Domestic Product in Madrid.

The Regional President in Madrid, the PP’s Esperanza Aguirre, has been a keen supporter of the project, which had a rival as Barcelona, and after the news that Madrid had been chosen she said, ‘Unfortunately I could not make the announcement myself’.

Barcelona has responded to losing Eurovegas by announcing that there are to build six new theme parks in Tarragona, named Barcelona World with an expected investment of 4.77 billion € and the promise of 20,000 jobs. The interior councillor in Barcelona City Hall, Felipe Puig, said ‘Barcelona fits much better in Cataluña than Eurovegas’.

If Alcorcón, 13 kms to the SW of the capital, is chosen for Eurovegas it will cover 1,232 hectares with:-
12 resorts with 3,000 rooms in each one, nine of the resorts will be five stars.
Six casinos with 1,065 tables, and 18,000 fruit machines, and 44 lounges.
50,000 seats in restaurants, bars and discotheques.
A grand concert hall with 15,000 capacity and another nine concert halls with 1,800 capacity.
Seven theatres, each to hold 850 people.
Three golf courses and several tennis courts.
350,000 square metres of commercial centres.
176.000 square metres reserved for ferias and congresses.
40,000 parking spaces to cope with the forecast 9.3 million visitors a year, half of them foreigners.

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