Spanish Heatwave Warning

Temperatures across the country have been much higher this weekend, with clear skies dominating across the country.

A mass of very hot air from North Africa has caused the heatwave across Spain for the weekend and into the start of the week, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees centigrade in some areas according to the AEMET State Meteorological Agency.

AEMET spokesperson, Ángel Rivera, says the west of the country has been most affected along with the centre, Ebro Valley and Eastern Cantabria. Temperatures of between 36 and 39 were recorded on Saturday in Galicia, the west of Castilla y León, and the valleys of the Tajo, Guadiana and Guadalquivir.

On Sunday the temperatures reached up to 38 or 40 degrees, but were reported as being a few degrees cooler along the Mediterranean coast. The summer season and temperatures are already higher than normal with an average temperature during June being recorded as 34c with the Costa Blanca reaching 42c

The heatwave warning is still in place at the start of the week but it is expected to cool slightly from Monday evening when we are expected to see the arrival of fresher air into the NW of the country, and the cooler temperatures should be noticed by Wednesday when near normal temperatures for the time of year should settle between 28c & 32c.

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