Spanish Landmark Rule Against RYANAIR!!

Ryanair has been told by a court in Barcelona that it cannot oblige passengers to print out their boarding passes at home or charge travellers 40 € if they do not.

Mercantile Court 1 in Barcelona considers, in what is pioneering sentence in Spain, that the obligation of ‘issuing’ the ticket rest’s with the airline and not the passenger. The court ruled that being a low-cost business did not justify this type of measure, declaring it to be ‘abusive’ and the clause ‘null’.

Ryanair had argued in court that because it was a ‘low-cost’ company it was necessary for it to adopt such policies, and that it had issued the ticket by supplying the passenger with a PDF file to print. The airline says that the passengers are told of the conditions when they book, and also noted that passengers can print the boarding card in any of the airport terminals if they bring the PDF file. The judge considered that point had not been demonstrated.  However because the airline can appeal, which it is expected to do, it can continue with the policy for the time being. The matter could end up in the EU High Court of Justice.

Judge Bárbara María Córdoba issued her ruling on December 22, but it has only now been made public. She concluded that Ryanair is subject to the general International, European and National air navigation laws, and all of them oblige the company to issue the ticket for the passenger. She rejected that it was the same as charging for luggage, noting that luggage was an additional service, different from the obligations of the airline.

The case was brought by Dan Miró, the owner of the website, who was charged when he did not have his boarding ticket for a flight between Girona and Alghero in Italy

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