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New ‘SPOOF’ iPhone 5s Video promotion goes Viral – must watch

An iPhone 5S spoof video has been created ahead of Apple‘s launch event which took place on September 10th. Could spoof details actually be true though?? The YouTube upload mocks the iPhone brand, with talking heads claiming to be executives at […]

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Man sets up hotel for chickens

A Cornish man has set up a hotel for chickens to provide five star service for pampered hens while their owners are away. David Roberts, 31, came up with

Royal Wedding novelty mug shows wrong Prince

A commemorative mug brought out to celebrate the Royal wedding has one slight flaw - the wrong prince. Beaming out from the side of the mug, alongside Kate Middleton,

Sledgehammer gang hired to trash luxury car

An angry Lamborghini owner hired a team of men with sledgehammers to destroy the supercar after dealers allegedly failed to repair it. The Lamborghini Gallardo L140 luxury sports car

4 inch egg layed by BIG ASS CHICKEN

A chicken was left shell-shocked after laying an enormous four inch tall egg, with her surprised owner describing the poor hen as ‘bow-legged.’

  The monster egg measures a whopping

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