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Europe has denied that the dialogue with Spain over the reforms would be step to getting a rescue. The European Commission has admitted to a close contact with the Spanish executive, but they say this is only to ‘advance the […]

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Spanish Debt reaches all time high

The Spanish public debt has reached another record at 75.9% of G.D.P. debt, the highest level in a century. The total debt has increased 14% in the second quarter

Madrid confirmed as Euro Vegas location

It’s now confirmed that the world’s fourteenth richest man in the world, has chosen Madrid for his Eurovegas. The announcement was made in the early hours of Saturday.

Unemployment reaches alarming new figure

Unemployment has risen in the second quarter by 53,500 taking the rate to 24.63% and the number out of work to 5,693,100, an all time high. The numbers

Spanish IVA Tax Increase Confirmed

The Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, addressed Congress today, Wednesday, to present the economic cuts which intend to save 65 billion € by the year 2015. The headline

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